Key Largo Undersea Park

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Overnight Stays

Here at Jules’ Undersea Lodge, we are geared to protecting the undersea environment and we would like you to participate as well.

We have an inline water filter and we use aluminum water bottles in order to reduce plastic waste.
All of the body care products we supply in the lodge are supplied by Stream2Sea, the only line of products tested and proven safe for the underwater environment.

Jules’ Undersea Luxury Package:

Jules’ guests will check-in at the front office and meet your Mission Director.  After a quick bit of paperwork and giving us your pizza order, you will have a top side orientation tour with your M.D.   You will then prepare your personal items for transport and gear will be issued.  Since we have WiFi we are happy to take down your cell phone or tablet to the lodge.  It’s fun to zoom and share your experience with family and friends.  Those who are certified divers will be able to dive the lagoon and then meet the M.D. inside the lodge where you’ll be introduced to our communication system and safety protocol.

The lodge is stocked with plenty of water, soda, ice tea and snacks.
Please inform us of any allergies or medical conditions before you make your reservation.

Check-in is 10:30 am and check-out is 9:00 am.  Your pizza delivery dinner will be delivered between 4:30 – 5:00 pm.

Prices for certified divers:
Single occupancy:  $1,350.00
Per couple:  $1,687.50
Four guests:  $3,150.00
All prices includes 12.5% lodging/sales tax.

Not a certified diver?  Our Discover Scuba Diving course is easy and fun with your Mission Director/Instructor leading you to the lodge.  The course is $250 plus tax, all dive gear included.

The World Famous “Aquanaut Package”

In honor of our work with the Astronauts throughout the years we developed the 24 hour Aquanaut Package.  The Aquanaut Package includes all the JUL’s Package has to offer plus a lunch upon your arrival and a PADI Specialty certification card to add to your diving credentials. Not many can say they have the Jules’ Aquanaut Specialty PADI card!

Prices for certified divers:

Single occupancy:  $1,575.00
Per Couple:  $2,587.50
Four guests: $4,275.00
All prices include 12.5% lodging/sales tax.

Aquanaut Sticker

Add a Lagoon Guided Tour to any package for $30.00 per person plus tax.

Jules’ Full Course Florida Lobster Dinner


Jules’ offers the most asked for pizza dinner with our overnight stays.  If you have a special celebration and you want to have a custom meal prepared for that special day we are happy to accommodate.


$175.00 PER MEAL

Your Pizza Is Here!!!

Jules’ is offering our Pizza delivery lunches for those divers who can’t stay overnight but would like to enjoy the undersea lodge atmosphere.
Please inform us of any allergies or medical conditions before you make your reservation.

Two person minimum
$430.00 a couple taxes included
Check-in: 10:00 am
Check-out 2:30 pm

Labs in the Lodge Excursion

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the marine creatures you see on your dive to Jules’, or the marine creatures you CAN’T see, take advantage of the Labs in the Lodge Excursion!  Our Marine Biologist and Habitat Education Specialist will be happy to teach you – and show you – all about the marine life surrounding Jules’ Undersea Lodge. You can incorporate a Lab in the Lodge Excursion into any lodge visit. To guarantee your Lab, please reserve when you schedule your visit.
Call the office at 305.451.2353 for details.

For one to two guest: $175.00 plus tax
Additional guest:  $50.00 plus tax

Vacation/Education at Jules’ Lodge.

Vacation/Education at Jules’ Lodge

Transfer fees into the Lodge:

Our guests are welcome to bring their phones or iPads at no charge.  Additional charges may apply for other electronic devices.

*Jules’ staff is not responsible for damage to your Non Water Proof Equipment and when making your reservation please let us know if you’ll need any “Equipment Transfers” that are not included with your stay.

We will send you links to our waivers for the Lodge after you have made your reservation by phone at 305-451-2353.
If you need scuba rental gear, please call (305) 453-2228