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Welcome to Jules' Undersea Lodge!

Located in the lagoon at Key Largo Undersea Park, Jules' is the world's only underwater hotel! In addition to overnight stays in the Lodge, the Park offers a great SCUBA training location in its Lagoon, with a depth of up to 30' in a protected setting. Individuals can get Open Water certified here, do a Discover SCUBA Diving course, or just dive around in the lagoon.

Some of our distinguished visitors include Aerosmith's Steve Tyler, actor Tim Allen and formed Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau! We've been featured in several magazines and broadcast shows, too.



PADI Specialities


Bruce Cantrell and Jessica Fain entered the habitat on Friday October 3 and will be there until they surface on Monday December 15!

Classroom Under The Sea is brought to you by

Diversity in Aquatics

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Lunch with the Aquanauts
During the Mission!

As seen in the Reporter. Photo couresy of Jana Vandelaar CUTS

A Record Setting Mission This Fall

Jules' Undersea Lodge will the site of a record setting mission that starts on October 3, 2014 and runs for 73 days!

Roane State College (TN) and Marine Resources Development Foundation are partnering to support professor Bruce Cantrell and adjunct professor Jessica Fain as they present the Classroom Under The Sea, the world's first online biology class taught from the seafloor. Weekly broadcasts will feature speakers on a range of oceanic topics. There will be opportunities for middle and high school students to join the Aquanauts in the hotel as well.

In addition to setting the record for the first college class taught underwater, the mission will break the current world record of 69 days spent underwater, which was also set in Jules' back in 1992.

YOU can be part of this record setting mission!







After you're done with your SCUBA skills, or if you are already SCUBA certified, you can visit Jules' Undersea Lodge for three hours or an overnight! Have lunch in the Lodge, do a three hour Mini Adventure, or sleep underwater! Distinctive PADI Specialities are available for overnight guests. Check out our video!