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November 23, 2017

December 23 8 am - 1 pm
December 24 & 25

December 30 8 am - 1 pm
December 31
January 1, 2018


Reservations can be made any time of the week - please call 305.451.2353 and leave a message! We WILL return your call!

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Distinctive Specialities

These PADI specialities are ONLY available at Key Largo Undersea Park!

Innerspace Diver | Habitat Speciality | Aquanaut Specialty | Excursion to MarineLab | Manned Underwater Laboratory


Jules'Jules' Undersea Lodge is happy to introduce our newest underwater specialty "The InnerSpace Diver Specialty".  This is the first specialty offered where an overnight stay is not a prerequisite.  However, your lesson will be conducted from Jules' Lodge.

Course Philosophy - To introduce the student to some of the training astronauts experience while in an underwater environment.  The effects of gravity and the lack of it in outer space, and techniques for working in outer space.


1.   Understanding the relationship between Astronauts and Aquanauts.

2.   Developing neutral buoyancy skills.

3.   Enable planning and executing tasks underwater safely.

The InnerSpace Specialty will be a one day course with a lunch break.  You will need to bring a set of dry clothes to change into while in the lodge.  Cost for the InnerSpace Specialty is $395.00 per person.   For those who plan an overnight stay with us your cost is $295.00.


Jules’ Habitat Specialty covers the history of Marine Habitats and their many uses for Marine Exploration.  The advantages and disadvantages of different structures and life support logistics and techniques to provide electric power, water, food and atmosphere regeneration are also examined.  This course is an academic course given to you by our Mission Director while you are staying in the lodge.   Please sign up when you make your reservation.  Cost per person is $95.00.


The Aquanaut Program is a 24 hour stay in the lodge combined with a morning, afternoon and evening excursion in the lagoon.  Upon arrival, you will receive a systems briefing on both the lodge and its topside support systems by an experienced Aquanaut.  A Jules' Undersea Lodge Aquanaut Certificate suitable for framing, will be provided upon completion. 

Price: The Aquanaut Specialty Program is $725.00 per person per night BASED ON DOUBLE OCCUPANCY and $850 per person FOR SINGLE OCCUPANCY. All dive gear along with dinner, lunch and breakfast are included with your program.  The Aquanaut Program starts at 1:00 pm and ends at 1:00 pm the following day.  If you would like a PADI Habitat Specialty certification add $100.00/per person and please book while making your reservation. Taxes not included.

Please book at least 1 month in advance.


MarineLab InteriorMarineLab is a working manned underwater lab which has been operational since 1984 for scientific and educational Aquanaut Missions.  You will experience the living conditions, equipment, instrumentation and lagoon critters that researchers and students are exposed to during Aquanaut Missions which have been held for up to a ten day duration.  These missions have included NOAA, NASA, U.S. NAVY, and many high schools, colleges and universities around the United States.

You may choose either an afternoon or an evening excursion as they can be very different and is approximately one hour long. 

Price:  Your Marine Lab Excursion is $125.00 per person and please book your excursion when you make your reservation to ensure availability. 


MarineLab Underwater HabitatRequires the Aquanaut Specialty Program

This program is for those ready to move beyond just living underwater.  We involve techniques used by Aquanauts and researchers when living under the sea.  You will be involved with submerged station atmospheric monitoring, surrounding environmental water quality monitoring, fish and invertebrate collection/identification and plankton collection/identification.  There will be a morning, afternoon and an evening dive incorporating these techniques. 

This experience is ideal for those who want to expand upon their undersea journey.  An after diner presentation/discussion in Jules' Undersea Lodge on the history and technology of living and working under the sea precedes the night dive. 

Prices:   One Student...............$375.00

Two - Four Students....$275.00 per person